CSR5 Cybersecurity Awareness Training

Program Special

CSR5 Global are pleased to announce our New "Halt A Hack" Cyber Threat Training Program that will cost $99.99 USD to take.

This is a 1-3 hour cyber education certificate program is aimed at helping people become more aware of the threats that can happen to anyone at any time resulting in cyber attacks to individuals and companies alike.

🔒 Protect your company from cyberattacks with Halt-A-Hack, the new program designed for all companies, and highly helpful for early-stage and pre-seed small businesses! For only $99.00 USD, you can equip your employees with the skills needed to identify phishing emails, detect security risks in everyday surroundings, and think like a hacker. This program is 1-3 hours to completion, based on your learning speed. Did you know that employees falling prey to phishing scams is the leading cause of corporate cyberattacks?

Powered by Socratic Arts, the science-based program is designed to match how our brains work, making it easier and more enjoyable for learning. It imparts a comprehensive understanding of how a complex attack against an organization might play out and how it could be stopped at every stage.

Maximize your time spent and learn at your own pace. Analyze your own digital presence and lock down your online footprint.

Multi-language support is available upon request.